Combet Yacht Consultant, spécialiste yachting

With over 40 years of experience in the yachting industry combined with solid reputation and high degree of professionalism, Combet Yacht Consultant offer yacht owners and captains a complete range of services such as the purchase and sale of pleasure yachts, the purchase and sale of berths, customs consulting services, Covid sanitary formalities, berth reservations, as well as the rental of yachts in Sophia, Antibes, Golfe Juan, Mandelieu...

Membre de la M.Y.B.A. The Worldwide Yachting Association

Combet Yacht Consultant est membre de M.Y.B.A. The Worldwide Yachting Association, organisation professionnelle de renommée internationale, regroupe les plus grands courtiers en yachts européens et mondiaux. Nous sommes situés à Sophia Antipolis, près d’Antibes (06)

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